Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Non-Update Update! ;-)

Hello Blog Friends,

I am way over due for an update, but the problem is I have very little to update. We have done very little with the kitchen remodel. This is Ed's busy time of the year with his job and the traveling is pretty much non-stop through out the spring and summer months. We have been busy trying to get the vegetable garden in, get the pool opened up and doing general yard work, so any time he has at home is busy doing those things.

 I myself have been enjoying my new found freedom. The little ones and I have been enjoying spending so much more time together doing the things that really matter...making memories!

 I ordered a flush mount ceiling light for the kitchen sitting area back in January and that has finally come in...along with a some wall sconces that I ordered too. I'll take a couple pictures so you all can see how much better it looks then that gaping hole in the ceiling! ;-)  The sconces are still in the box waiting for me to decide where I am going to use them. I know two will be going above the fireplace but the others I am unsure where I will be using them. I actually have way more sconces then I need, so I probably will be selling some of them. If anybody is interested let me know... ;-)

Oh, I have made some changes to the kitchen remodel too. Poor Ed!!! If he was smart he would get this kitchen finished so I could no longer make changes! ;-)  There are two areas that are not finished that we built temporary pieces for. The island and bake center! My stove top sits in the island right now, but I have decided I would rather have it over against the wall where the bake center is suppose to go! I won't have a bake center, but not hyaving the stove top in the island will open that up and give me not only a bigger work area, but also more seating!

I've been doing a bit of tweaking and rearranging the last week and thought I would share a few photos with you all on what I have changed/moved!

This little cupboard in my dining room had just my stoneware lamp on it, which I moved and then added the old books, firkin and mirror on the wall...not sure if I like the lamp there or not!?


I moved all my pewter from the red slanted cupboard to my antique cupboard in the dining room. This I like very much!

I had the hardest time decorating the red cupboard after I took all the pewter out. It is okay, but I am not thrilled with it. I'm sure I'll be doing some more tweaking with it!

Well that is about it folks. I gotta get scooting and take Ed to the airport. I hope you all enjoy your day. Suppose to be sunny and 84 here today. I know I'll be outside doing something later on when I get back from the airport and get everything done inside.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hey girle...glad to see that you are doing what is most important....MAKING FAMILY MEMORIES!!!...isn't that what matters most anyways?...since "time" can never be regained!

    If you have any sconces that you are willing to sell..please email I am needing some for my new home...I would love to look at them and see if there is anything I could use! you can get my email right on my blog.

    Have a great day!

  2. Things sound like they are going good with you Kim. Sometimes we have to wait on what we want but in the end it will be wonderful. I love your new ceiling light. I wouldn't mind having one like it in my livingroom.
    I know exactly how you feel about the rearranging of your cupboard. Its funny how we get so comfortable with things that sometimes a change is just so unsettling. Live with it for a while and then decide if you like it or not.
    Enjoy your day and your kiddos.

  3. Glad to see an update from you. Love your new lights and everything else looks wonderful!

  4. Kim,

    Glad to see the update and I love your new light fixture. It looks awesome, and I love those ceilings!! The pewter in your new corner cabinet looks great. Thank you for taking the time of your busy schedule to give us an update.
    Enjoy that extra time you now have with your family!!!


  5. Love,love your new light fixture and your pewter collection.Everything looks nice in your home. simply beautiful.

  6. Everything, as always, is looking and sounding lovely, Kim. I'm so glad you're enjoying your found time, your family, and the outdoors.

    We've been outside more than inside lately too, bringing the yard back to life, picking away at projects, and enjoying the family.

    Take care!

  7. Kim, I love the look of the pewter in your cupboard and the lighting for your kitchen..Can't wait to see it when it's finished..Have a great rest of the week..

  8. Hi Kim,
    I love your new ceiling light and the ceiling, itself! Your pewter collection is great! It's always good to see your posts. I love seeing what you are up to. Enjoy your great weather.

  9. Love the new light fixture! And your tweaking looks great. I'm glad you are having extra time to spend with your family. That is so important, especailly when the kids are young. Enjoy every minute you can! They grow up too fast!
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your week!

  10. Well I love your Pewter and no matter what you put it in it looks beautiful!
    your lights are really pretty too.

  11. I am interested in the sconces, too. We are finally getting ready to change all the downstairs floors to pine and while we're at it....we are changing the fireplace and are adding sconces. Love the new ceiling light. Looks great with the beadboard ceiling.

  12. Hi Kim :)
    I LOVE your pewter, girl! It looks awaesome gathered together in the cupboard...I L•O•V•E your light fixture too!!! Your home is beautiful!