Saturday, May 8, 2010

Beautiful Day for a Field Trip

Good Morning Friends,

 Just wanted to share a couple pictures from the field trip the kids and I took yesterday.
We have been studying Abraham Lincoln, and made plans to visit his birthplace in Hodgenville,Ky as we wrapped up our studies. Ed unfortunately had to leave town and had to miss our field trip. I was going to reschedule for another date when he was home, but Anna was so upset I decided we  would go without him!

It was a beautiful day, and the kids were excited to  get on the road. Anna helped make our bag lunches, and get the boys moving so we could start our fun.

After watching a short video in the visitor center we  headed out to go see the log cabin and sinking springs. I told the boys they better wait for their sister and they did exactly what I knew they would...Ran!

Poor Anna, she always wants to be where her brothers are, and they like to hear her scream. Well they weren't going to lose her that easily...she took off in pursuit!

                         I don't see them...which way did they go?

                                                 Are you coming mommy?

              There they are! Yes, you can tell by the look on Jordon's face that he thought it was funny.

Unfortunately for us the log cabin is undergoing renovations and closed to the public at this time, so the kids were not able to see it. We headed down to the sinking springs.

It was amazing to feel the drop in temperature as you descended down the stairs.

It was a very warm day and a bit torturous to see and hear this lovely spring water and not be able to take a drink! ;-)

 Ryan spotted a craw dad in the bottom pool of the springs! That thing was big. I don't think I have ever seen one that big, and leave it to a boy to notice it!

We walked around looking at the flora & fauna, and enjoyed imagining life on "The Sinking Spring Farm" 200 years ago when Abraham Lincoln was born.

He was only three when the family left their Hodgenville homestead and moved to Knob Creek, but I imagine he drank plenty of water from those springs and enjoyed running through the same fields we were walking as a carefree young boy!

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you all have a blessed Saturday. Its out to the garden for me for some much needed weed pulling.


  1. I very much enjoyed taggin along on your field trip :) Beauitful pics!
    Thanks for sharing, Kim...Have a wonderful weekend and a very Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Great Field trip!! Cant wait to start doing these with our kids, perfect for our little homeschoolers!!
    Thanks For Sharing.

  3. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing with us :) It's snowing like crazy here today so it's nice to see your pics of greenery...LOL

  4. I bet that place is just Awesome!...It looks beautiful...thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Kim, just stumbled across your blog and I love all the stuff you are doing to your home. I will be back to visit again and have added your blog to my favorites.