Monday, July 20, 2009

Floor & Ceiling

Hey Ladies,

Just wanted to post real quick. I have had a number of emails about the ceiling and floors, and I thought it would be easiest just to post on here.

The ceiling was done using bead board, and we covered up the seams from the butted ends using 4X4's. We used a hatchet and roughed up the sides a bit and stained them both with Early American stain by Minwax. It really was a pretty easy fix for that nightmare of a ceiling.

The floor was done using 1x10 pine boards... Yup, that is right. Pine Boards!! It's funny because we tend to think of wood floors as hardwood, and when I started researching old wood floors I found out that our ancestors used pine for their flooring. I would not have thought of pine on the floor because I always assumed wood floors were hardwood, but they are not always hardwood. If a home that is 100-200 years old still has it's pine wood floors after all these years,
then I think my pine floors will last through my lifetime. :)

We made sure to biscuit join one board to another for a nice tight fit, and Ed screwed each board to the floor joist to help with any shifting and buckling. We then used wood plugs to cover the screw holes. We sanded the floor, and then I applied one coat of the Early American stain. I put on 4 coats of the floor poly as the manufacturer suggested. That stuff was easy to apply and I only had to wait 2 hours in between coats. After the last coat I had to wait 24 hours before I could walk on it.It dries to a nice hard protective surface and there is very little shine. I don't like shine.. :)

There is a number of ways to lay wide plank flooring for the average DIYer, and this was the easiest way for us to do it. If you do a Google search you can find directions on how to lay wide plank pine floors.

I cannot say enough how much I love these floors. I have always wanted wide plank floors, and figured I would have to settle for the narrow hardwood floors that you buy at your local home improvement stores until I started looking into it!!!
Pine floors have so much more character then hardwood floors do. Don't get me wrong, I love hardwood floors, but the look I was going for is better achieved with the wide plank pine.

Thank you all for your kind and encouraging words. I really do appreciate you all taking the time to look and leave comments. Enjoy the rest of your Monday!


  1. Thanks, Kim. Now if I can convince Dear Hubby!

  2. What a fabulous use of materials, Kim!

    Our first (starter) house was an old New Englander built in the mid-1800s. We had the most beautiful pumpkin pine floors! I loved those floors and I still miss them. I'm so glad you achieved exactly the look you were going for ... with such beautiful results.

    Thanks for all of the info :)

  3. Just beautiful ~ love the ceiling and the floor is awesome.

  4. If I had my way, my floors would be pine for the very same reason!! Yours will look wonderful over time Kim. I love your choices!!

  5. Need to go and check out the old post with the pictures as that floor sounds fabulous!!! ENjoy your day!

  6. thanx for the info. i know my dh will never go for it. he just put down this beautiful berber and it is really warm in our winters. he isn't real big on my old-fashioned ideas but he doesn't complain----much.

  7. You have done an amazing job on your remodel!!
    Thanks for sharing the info on your floors & ceiling. I would love to have floors like that!
    Thank you so much for the sweet comment you left me about my son and all your other posts as well. I appreciate it.

  8. I totally agree with you about how wonderful pine plank floors are. When we added on to our house, I used the pine for the floor of my studio and I absolutely LOVE it. We recently ripped up carpet in the living room and hallway. I wanted to do the pine again, but hubby convinced me to do laminate flooring instead and it's just awful! I shoulda stuck to my guns!

  9. Your dining room turned out prim perfect! Love that ceiling!

  10. Oh my goodness, I am in love with everything....hey can you and your husband come over for a little consultation on our load bearing wall that has to go? LOL! Beth

  11. Oh my Kim!! I went back and you and your hubby did a wonderful job! I am going to have to show pics to my hubby!I am just in awe!!! You guys should be so proud of your home! I am looking forward to visiting you and I hope you have a blessed day!

  12. Oh have done an amazing job on your home! I would love to do that! My idea is to get a home in the country...something well built and easy to heat and cool...and totally redo the inside as kind of a "surprise" when you walk in! I'd love to get a 70's brick house and give it new life! I saw that in Country Living one time years ago! I love love love the colonial/primitive look (my favorite) but also love mission style as well. Since my sweet hubby really really loves the mission/bungalow style, I think he will win over me. After all, I love him more than "my" style! Please keep the pictures coming and don't lose heart! You're doing so well! Beth

  13. Where are the pics of the floors and ceilings?