Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dirty Olde Rag Ball Bowl Fillers... DUH!!!

Hey There All,

Just finished up these dirty rag ball bowl fillers this afternoon.
I've had them made for over a week, and finally found the time today to get them grunged up.

I have to tell you all the "duh" moment behind these rag balls.

I had the two wood knitting needles, and knew I wanted to display them in a wood bowl with some rag balls. I went in search of rag balls on ebay, and was shocked at the cost for vintage rag balls.. Average price was $20-$25.00 each!!!! I'm thinking I need at least 8-10, and there is no way I am paying that for them. There was some homemade plaid and check ones, but I didn't want any checks. I did bid on a set of 3, and lost the bid.
I then was doing a google search for rag balls when I had my duh, you dumb dumb, why not just make some yourself... :)

I am an avid crafter and have been my whole life. My Mom & Grandma were both seamstresses, and I grew up sewing, and watching the two of them make everything imaginable. Why in the world was I looking for these on ebay when I can make them myself...Duh!

Anyways here they are. I wanted them pretty grunged up, so I went pretty heavy on the cinnamon.

I just have to include this picture. Capt. Jack wanted in on the picture taking!! Please excuse the piece of paper in the background on the sofa. Capt. Jack brought it up there with him to play with. :)


  1. Turned out very nice ... yes, they are expensive to buy. Have a great eve. TTFN ~Marydon

  2. Yu saved your self a good bit by making them yourself. They look great and Capt.Jack is adorable.

  3. Isn't it such fun to be crafty?! Your rag ball bowl fillers turned out so well! And for a fraction of the cost too. Enjoy them...

  4. They turned out great.Doesn't it make you feel good to make them instead of paying a fortune?Thanks for sharing,:0)Sherri

  5. I think making your own is more meaningful than purchasing them anyway and yours turned out great.....and less cost!


  6. I love those duh moments especially when they save you money. :)


  7. Those turned out great, Kim :)
    Love your display.
    I have those "duh" moments all the time...LOL!

    Have a beautiful and safe 4th.


  8. Those look great. WTG!!!